If you are looking into becoming a vegetarian or just want to try something different look no further. Please give Native Foods a try in Hyde Park if you are ever in Chicago, IL you will not be disappointed. Native Foods has some amazing dishes on their menu and guess what I had the meat balls but its not made with meat its all vegetarian. My Wife had the burger above this place is such a hidden jewel, I laughed to myself and thought about challenges I faced when I decided I was going to try being a vegetarian. Not anymore I have been fully converted and realize that there are more places to eat at than I thought. I always like to hear about great food and restaurants so send me some of your favorites places to eat and if you ever have an opportunity to dine at Native Foods Cafe in Hyde Park tell me about your experience. 


The Chicago Auto Show once again came to town back in February 2016, although I didn't make it out this year or last, I have above listed a few of the images that I took using my Canon 7D with Sigma Art 35mm. To me the Auto show is one of those things that you go to - just not consecutively. For the most part in my opinion cars generally stay the same for at least 2 years, Although as a kid it seemed liked for ever for a new model to come out and be revealed. The car industry is quenching the short term taste of consumers at a more rapid pace. My favorite range of cars to visit would have to be your regulars like : Audi, BMW, Range Rover, and Lexus but for photography purposes I love capturing the Maserati, Bentley, and Bugatti. I do plan on attending next year and see up close what new things Buick is revealing as they have launched a campaign basically emphasizing, that they are not the brand trusted by your grandparents.


I have been in some amazing places capturing the essence of images that will forever be told through the lens of my camera. Still there is nothing more beautiful than a persons reaction when they are unaware of the lens capturing their human moments. This was a night filled with laughter and excitement. Some of "The Gospel Greats," and upcoming artist with Chicago roots were recognized. Pastor John Hanna, and Angela Martin played host. Chicago gospel artist such as Donald Lawrence, Jonathan Mcreynolds, and even Rev. Jesse Jackson were among the diverse attendees. There was also a moment when Chicago's Mayor ( Rham Emmanuel ) made an appearance in lieu of his quest to show his support for the community amid the Chicago violence. The stage was visually pleasing and the venue ( House of Hope) provided the perfect setting for a night filled with love and encouragement. 

I used to call myself a photographer when I fist started out but know I just refer to myself as a content creator. Please enjoy and be sure to subscribe to this blog for more exciting content. 



Chicago is known for many things good and bad from politics to food, from sports to architecture. I decided to take a tour for myself and travel through the city while taking some pics with my Canon 7D and my sigma 35mm Art 1.4 lens.   Some of these visuals really show the city in a different light. Growing up in Chicago on the south side was different from what I captured. During the summer months couples and workers are seen enjoying the breeze,  everyone is doing something and no one really has to time stop and enjoy  what a great city it really is. If you ever get a chance to visit the city I would suggest taking a stroll down Michigan Ave, visiting the fountain or even Navy Pier. As always thanks for visiting our site and don't forget to subscribe for weekly news and visuals.