Interview With Brand'N L.M.I.C Records

Desadier Visuals sat down with the amazingly talanted, Brandon Mcghee B.K.A BRAND'N he has blessed us with his soulful voice and videos such as "Love Letter" and "In Love". BRAND'N is known worldwide with more than 1.1 million views and counting on Youtube His songs have also been featured on BET. Although these songs are world wide hits BRAND'N doesn't stop there with his art. He is also a Producer, Musician, Songwriter, Arranger & Entrepreneur. Brand'N has not only had success as an artists, but his success has translated over into entrepreneurism with the opening of L.M.I.C. Records, a full service Chicago based recording studio. Now with word of his long anticipated debut album dropping this year it seems for this born and bread Chicago native, that the sky has no limit. When we sat down with him, he explained how his faith keeps him focused, motivated, and inspired. And also how important is it to have a support system with any endeavor you may undertake. We spent the early afternoon touring the well designed space of L.M.I.C records, which encompasses a cool laid back and inviting atmosphere which has played host to some of the industries top execs and artists. The most noted undertone of this session was how prevalent his childhood church roots extend. "I served," - was one of the quotes that come to mind in writing this; Mr. Brand'N exclaimed how his father was one of his biggest inspirations and how serving at his side in ministry shaped who he is today. Brand'N is a focused and determined artist that is sure to make a mark. When asked what his plans are, he stated he would be opening a second L.M.I.C record studio in L.A sometime next year.

For the first time ever Desadier Visuals, will sit down with Brand'N for a exclusive one on one interview. The purpose of this interview is to encourage individuals to go after their dreams and take the necessary risks to reap the rewards of being a entrepreneur.

As always please follow us on youtube and for updated entrepreneur interviews. This interview was filmed in Chicago, IL @ L.M.I.C recording studios. Equipment used filming and editing this video consisted of